Discover our 1 hour complimentary workplace taster sessions

Discover our 1 hour complimentary workplace taster sessions

Why not try one of our complimentary workplace massage taster sessions?

They’re suitable for any workplace environment – from a formal office space right through to a busy industrial unit.

Taster sessions

They last around one hour and during this time we provide a relaxing massage therapy for up to four employees (usually a back, neck and shoulders massage, an Indian head massage or a combination of both).

Each massage is performed over clothing and with the recipient seated.

Lunchtime relaxation?

Taster sessions can either fit in with your lunch break or be incorporated into any other part of the working day. You could for example get the week underway with a Monday morning massage session or treat a handful of employees to a relaxing Friday afternoon wind down!

Find out how we work

We provide these because we’re always keen to promote the work we do and example the benefits it brings.

They also enable you to understand how we work with a number of organisations on a regular basis, perhaps coming in once a month or contributing to their corporate wellbeing days or charity fundraising days.

They’re free!

To book a free massage taster session for your team, please call Kathy Scott at Hands on at Work on 07989 367669.

You can also email Kathy at